Thanks David

It touched me deeply when comedian David Brenner passed this Saturday.It    wasn’t that I was just fond of him as a comedian, he was more to me than that. I hope he knew what he meant to so many of his fans. David seemed to be there at major crossroads in my life. I first saw him at 19 at Pips comedy Club, Sheepshead Bay, Brookyn. Brenner’s new kind of smart observational style got me through that otherwise miserable night.

I next got to see him after a celebratory dinner with my husband when he completed his final year of medical school! And finally I went to see David two years a go with my married son and his wife. I was , well let’s just say not 19, and my son was in his 30’s. We were all hysterical laughing and it brought things into a full circle. The comedy of my time was still funny to them. Thank you Mr. Brenner.

My grandchildren will have to watch you “on demand.”