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With electrical power out, cable service down, and telephone poles blocking the roads, 2018’s first nor’easter hit New Jersey with the good morning growl of a well-fed March. Following a February that saw days in the 70’s, we were hoping to escape winter without any major weather, but as grandma always told us, You never know.

My husband and I are fortunate. On the day after the storm, we were packed and set to meet his brother and our sister-in-law at their home in Sarasota, Florida. Upon arriving, we embarked on a sunny ride upstate to Amelia Island to view and enjoy the Concours D‘elegant. This show and auction of the world’s most expensive, rare and exotic cars has been held on the Island since 1975.

White pants, tee shirts, and sling-back sandals, Mari and I exited the car at the resort headfirst into a blast of wind, and a pink haze of pollen that did not agree with the eco system of my body. I didn’t know if I were sneezing from that or from the 47-degree wind pulling the straps off my shoulders.

The four of us ended our first evening locked out of our shared condo unit, waiting 2 hours for maintenance to come and change the batteries in our swipe-a-card lock. Thrilled, we discovered the service room door had been left unlocked and found shelter. Never dismiss the value of bath-size clean white towels. #emergencywintercoats. We also found the warmth of a memorable family reunion.

We came to look at cars, and indeed we did. Escape Mother Nature? Just dress for the occasion and bring tissues.