Rest In Peace

In the past month, three people who were associated with my husband’s business, three wonderfully hard working husbands and a wife, fathers and mother, and dear friends, passed away. Within a week and a half they were here and then gone. Only one had been ill and expected to die, the other two were sudden and shocking. None were any less heartbreaking.

There is an old superstition that death, or bad things, come in threes. I think when these tragedies happen we just find a way to link them together some how, tie them up in a finished package, hoping it is the end to the grieving period so we can move on. Aside from the fact that I knew all these people, and they knew each other, there was nothing that tied them together. It just sucked, and there were three of them. I’m sure if I had checked the local obituary I could have found more people I knew. Sad but true.

Life is short. But instead of bringing me down for too long, these events gave me energy. In the weeks since I have become more active. I have reached out to more friends and volunteered more. I am writing more and yes, reading and sitting enjoying other’s words more. I’ve been wanting another dog very badly. I know I should just get one, today! RIP, DE, M, and Wm.